Do you have a good idea that you want to develop ? Starting a new business or launching a new service ? Operate a Charity or small social organisation ? Want to test the market or try a new presentation style or layout ? Perhaps you need to promote yourself - for example: show your skills and talents to a new employer - in a different and effective manner, or you simply want to show-off your digital photos in a unique way

Whichever, we can help you ...

Take your pick ...

1. A Web Page containing text, multiple pic's, email and other links, a personalised location (google) map, web search facility, ad. box. There are a limited number of free pages available.

2. A Web Page containing all the features in 1. above plus: your unique domain name - choose your own .com .net. etc., plus as required: a downloadable PDF information document or reply form; logo and banner design/creation, purpose-designed graphics, copywriting - no hype-just type with a smidgen of subliminal persuasion. 60 minutes consultation for web page layout.

3. A Web Site containing all the features in 1. and 2. above, spread over [up to] five (5) pages plus as required: a built-in ecommerce store (includes installation, initial set-up and testing), image gallery, built-in fully featured blog. 2 hours consultation for web site layout and graphic design.

Packages 1. and 2. are fixed-feature web-page packages, with contents as stated and without optional extras. With regard to package 3., there are many additional features and 'nifty'-enhancements available which you can have included in your web site, some without additional cost.

In all cases, your web page or web site will be optimised for all major search engines.

What's the cost ?

Package 1. FREE OF CHARGE and no ongoing costs. No third party advertisements and your page constructed by one of our team in line with your preferences. There are many 'free' web page/site packages available on the internet however, you will most probably have to build the page/site yourself and very likely have to suffer a deluge of third party advertisements competing with your own content for attention. Your page can be 'live' for up to eight months. This is a Limited Offer.

Package 2. 95 includes domain name registration and hosting for twelve months. The package is renewable and briefly comprises two independent web pages one of which carries your unique domain name and personalised banner, text, email link and a link to the second page with corresponding banner and personalised logo, along with the features described in Package 1.

Package 3. 285 includes domain name registration and hosting for twelve months (renewable); many enhancements and additional features available.

We are not professional web site designers

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